Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Corona research paper

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  • The Roaring ‘20s definition and the economic social impacts Rebecca
  • Sacco and Vanzetti  and American immigration Emma
  • Bootlegging and the rise of organized crime Maddie
  • Automobiles  and their symbolism/rising effect over decades Nick 
  • Prohibition and Temperance Matt
  • Charles Lindbergh and Aviation Justin
  • Art and literature (famous works, artists, authors) Maggie
  • Music, Entertainment, Pop Culture, and Fads Andreas
  • Women’s Rights, especially Women’s Suffrage Amanda
  • The KKK—the resurgence Jack
  • Social class and Economic disparity in the 20’s and beyond Joanna
  • The American Dream Eric
  • Conspicuous consumption Connor
  • Failure to Achieve the American Dream Noah
  • Gender roles and stereotypes in the 20’s and beyond Bobby
  • Stock market and its influence in American society in the 20’s and beyond Matt

How to use DestinyQuest on a desktop computer to streamline your research process:

Download the DestinyQuest mobile app to access eBooks on your mobile device

Your database choices will depend on your research questions, so I am breaking this down a bit:
      • Historical:
        • SIRS Decades (primary sources organized by decade)
        • History in Context
        • ABC-CLIO American History
        • Annals of American History (primary sources)
        • Historical Newspapers
      • The impact of gender and socioeconomic class on prosperity in contemporary society (Noah, Connor, Eric, and others???)
        • Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center
        • National Newspapers
Remember how to correctly copy and paste your database citations into EasyBib!

But it's even easier than that in ABC-CLIO!

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