Friday, April 5, 2013

Dictator Dating Game

Here is your teacher's  assignment

As always, use Destiny to access your eContent. That's old news now, right? This is just a reminder. There's an app... yadaydayada.

"Finding the resources is the easy part. It's the thinking that is hard!" 

The biographical information is easy. We have great resources for biographical info.
        • Biography Resource Center (database)
        • Encyclopedia of World Biography (ebook and Gale Virtual Reference Library)
        • Britannica
        • History in Context
        • ABC-CLIO
Those should get you the who, what, why, where, when facts you need to answer many of the questions on your assignment. As you have in most of your social studies projects this year, you will need to reach beyond the basic facts for this assignment.

That's where you might want to consult:

  • Historical Newspapers
  • Roper iPoll (starts at 1930, so cutting it a little close on some of these)
That's where you will find the more granular details that will make this fun and creative. You should knock off the basics quickly, then focus on finding news articles from back in the day that help you get to know your dictator - try to get inside his head. What made him tick? It's easy to explain about Hitler's life, but we want to find out what drove Hiltler's life. Do you see the difference? 

Here is a tutorial for using iPoll. It is soooo cool!

Let's play with the inquiry process a bit. Please post your responses to the question below on this Padlet board. 


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