Thursday, December 20, 2012

Greece & Rome travel project

Your assignment

Since you will document your research before compiling your video, Please consult electronic resources including, Destiny, and the database page. Instructions fro accessing the database page are here.

Destiny Quest

By now, you should have the the app on your device. If not, here are the instructions to download it. We have lots of eBooks on Greece and Rome in the online catalog. Be sure to use the "Digital Resources" tab to locate electronic content. We have a new tutorial that shows students how to navigate the different eBook platforms. It follows.

Since you will be documenting your work, please use EasyBib. You should collaborate your bibliography with your group-mates and Ms. Macomber.

The recommended databases for this project follow:
        • ABC-CLIO World History: Ancient Civilizations
        • ABC-CLIO Daily Life Throughout History
        • History in Context
        • Ancient & Medieval World (Marshall Cavendish)

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