Thursday, December 6, 2012

Contemporary Issues Inquiry

Your Assignment

To help prepare sophomores for their junior research paper in the upcoming year, Mr. Luongo gives them a small research assignment. It is fairly manageable, because the topics are pre-selected, and the resources are established ahead of time. It is Mr. Luongo's aim to have students focus on reading, rather than the research process. 

The only two resources students will need to consult are the New York Times Room for Debate (NYT) and Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center (OVRC). If you run out of free articles in the New York Times, search the National Newspapers database for the article you need (it's in the database list). This year's topics follow:

  1. We need to change the culture (NYT) + Bullying (OVRC)
  2. Is Organic Food Worth the Expense?  (NYT) + Organic food (OVRC)
  3. What to do with drivers on the phone? (NYT)  + Texting While Driving (OVRC)
  4. Rejecting the "Real" Family (NYT)  + Same-Sex Marriage (OVRC)
  5. Animals do not Have Rights (NYT)  + Animal Rights  (OVRC)
  6. Not all Drugs are Created Equal (NYT)  + Marijuana (OVRC) 

To access Opposing Viewpoints, please consult the database page at Here is the user name and password to access the database page. 
The ID for Gale products (Opposing Viewpoints is a Gale product) is here
The Gale topics are set up with pro and con essays, then a number of additional articles. 

Students will be expected to document their research process in EasyBib. The school has a premium EasyBib account that can only be accessed through Google Apps (example) You can copy and paste database citations into EasyBib (tutorial). For New York Times resources, use the guidelines below.

This 2-minute video will give you quick overview of how to create, group, and share your notes in EasyBib: 

Use this Note-Taking Rubric as a guide when creating your notes:


Here are a few helpful screenshots:
EasyBib Note D

EasyBib Note C

  • Link to EasyBib note-taking template for handwritten notes (in class handout). 
  • Link to EasyBib note-taking template for typed notes (Adobe Acrobat.pdf - will not work on IOS mobile device, such as iPad, iPhone, iPod)
  • You must share your EasyBib notes with Mr. Luongo. Here's how: 

  • To access opposing Viewpoints Resource Center on your mobile device, download the Gale/Cengage AccessMyLibrary: School Edition app to your device.

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