Friday, November 16, 2012

Homeland Security

We are looking for themes explored in Zeitoun by Dave Eggers. Possibilities include...
  • Homeland security - i.e., Patriot Act, etc. 
  • Ethnic profiling - i.e., Impact of 9/11 etc. 
  • Federal disaster relief efforts - i.e., Hurricane Katrina, FEMA etc. 
  • Civil Rights - i.e., due process, Miranda Rights etc. 
  • More ideas

Cautionary tale about documenting research:
Listen to this radio clip from NPR to help you better understand the difference between plagiarism and paraphrasing.
Key Terms: 

It is essential for you to enter your sources into EasyBib as you work. You will need them later for your notes. There are a few new tricks in EasyBib that you will like:
1. You can automatically export ABC-CLIO citations to EasyBib (tutorial)
2. You can copy and paste database citations into EasyBib (tutorial)
3. You can collaborate EasyBib bibliographies with other community members (tutorial)

Download the app for Destiny Quest to your device to locate print and electronic books. (instructions for configuring the app)
If using a computer, be sure to sign-in so you can access digital content. Print resources are under the Titles page. Electronic resources, including websites and eBooks are under the Digital Resources page (tutorial).

By now, you should remember the school library's generic log-on information for the database page, but just in case, here is a link to the NCHS library Quick Guide. The following databases are recommended for this project:
        • ProQuest Newspapers
        • NewsStand
        • Opposing Viewpoints
        • ABC-CLIO Issues
        • ABC-CLIO American Government
        • Roper iPoll
        • Historical New York Times (where appropriate)
You can cross-search all contemporary periodical databases in Destiny Quest by clicking on the OneSearch tab in your search results

Download the Gale/Cengage AccessMyLibrary: School Edition app to your device (instructions for configuring the app).

Comprehensive research & resource evaluation (tutorial in development)

  • Open-source reference (Wikipedia)
  • Balance
    • Anecdote - humanizes your work
    • Fact
      • Statistics (you can specifically search for these in databases)
    • Opinion
      • Public opinion (Roper iPoll)
      • OP-ED (you can specifically search for these in databases)
      • Be aware of periodical 
  • CRAAP test (Mr. Staffaroni's)
Please sign-in to your Google Apps account ( to enter your research question below. You will need to edit and revise this as your progress with your inquiry.

List of research questions for 1st semester research papers (teachers only).

You should fine-tune your research question as you learn more. Here is a link to a video that will explain this process. Be sure to update your entries in the above form.

This 2-minute video will give you quick overview of how to create, group, and share your notes in EasyBib: 

Use this Note-Taking Rubric as a guide when creating your notes:


Here are a few helpful screenshots:
EasyBib Note D

EasyBib Note C

To practice correct note-taking skills, read this report from the state of Louisiana and complete the Notecard Handout provided. Remember to use the Note-Taking Rubric as a guide when making your notes. 

  • Link to EasyBib note-taking template for handwritten notes (in class handout). 
  • Link to EasyBib note-taking template for typed notes (Adobe Acrobat.pdf - will not work on IOS mobile device, such as iPad, iPhone, iPod)
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