Thursday, November 1, 2012

Film and Lit Digital Storyboards

Your Assignment 

The Cinematic Storytelling Packet is a valuable resource for the project. Be sure to use it as a guide during your brainstorms, storyboarding, and filming.

Below is the storyboard template frame you will be using. Insert your photos, add cinematic storytelling effects, and devote time to dive into the details of each shot. Spending time to pre-plan shots and create a purposeful storyboard will show in your finished trailers. Be creative in story frames and try to be as detailed as possible to bring each frame to life. Do not begin to storyboard in the original template file (this will leave other groups without a clean template to work from). Please COPY, RENAME, and SHARE the template file before you start working (instructions in the second video below).

The following video tutorials will explain how to use the Google Drive app and Google Presentation to create a collaborative digital storyboard before filming your suspense movie trailer.

Sharing Pictures with the Google Drive App

Creating a Digital Storyboard with Google Presentation

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