Tuesday, November 15, 2016


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We've been working hard to ensure that there are lots of eBooks for you to choose from in Destiny, the online catalog. At this point, you should be fully aware of the key points about using Destiny:
    • Log in with your personal user name and password
    • Library titles tab is for print
    • Digital resources is for electronic content (websites, eBooks, etc...)

In the online catalog, you can just search for your "intellectual mind" by name. Another useful term is enlightenment. The catalog includes the Encyclopedia of World Biography, for example.

We recommend the following databases (user names and passwords are here):
      • BiographyReference Center
      • History Reference Center
      • Gale Virtual Reference Library (App available!)
      • ABC-CLIO (includes eBook reference collection) - remember you can export your citations directly to EasyBib!
The slideshow below is PACKED with information about EasyBib. You can pick and choose your EasyBib learning. Most of the videos are under 2 minutes long.

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