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Iran Assignment
Costs of War Assignment

Mr. Webb's website

Online catalog:
All of the resources identified in Mr. Webb's assignments are indexed in Destiny, our online catalog (there's an app for that). You must log in with your NCPS network log in user name and password (The same one you use to log in t a school computer).

We have over 1,400 eBooks. The ONLY way you will be able to access them is by signing in to Destiny. Same for websites. Websites for this project are tagged with the subject Arab Spring.

The following is a list of websites that will give you country overviews. They too are indexed in Destiny, our online catalog.

Fantastic resource for current newspapers around the world: World news services organized geographically. Use BabelFish to translate.

Twitter: Use above to find out the major news publications for your country, then follow those on Twitter (i.e.Al-Jazeera is @AJELive on Twitter).

Use the hashtag (#) to search Twitter (#syria for example) to identify keywords that will help you when you turn to the databases for research. Look at the example below, and the the following list of keywords, which are taken straight from the search in the screenshot.

  • Colvin
  • Summit
  • Death
  • Injur*
  • Minist*
  • Journalist*
If your country is in complete flux at the moment (i.e. Syria), you may consult Wikipedia BUT you need to check the following to evaluate the passage's validity:
  • View History (top right)
    • Check user activity (for example, as of this writing, the most recent Egypt article editors include a person who mostly edits movies, and a person who mostly edits foreign policy articles - which one are you going to trust more? BTW, you can't answer that question based on the provided information. The foreign policy editor might be completely biased whereas the person who just edited Lilo and Stitch might have spent the last two weeks among protesters. Who knows? - You have to carefully review the edits to find out!)
  • See also
  • Notes
  • References
  • External Links
By the time you do all this, the aforementioned resources may seem more appealing!

Remember the eBooks are under Digital Resources in DestinyQuest


To access the database page, type in the library's generic user name and password, not your personal user name and password! You know the generic one, right? If not, it's in your planner ---->

Recommended databases:

Country overviews:
  • Encyclopaedia Britannica
  • CultureGrams
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library
  • ABC-CLIO: World Geography
  • CultureGrams
Historical databases
  • ABC-CLIO World History: The Modern Era 
  • History in Context (App for That! - Gale AML)
    Using the advanced search features will help you limit your search results to articles that cover a specific time period like India between 1800 and 1849. This is a good strategy if a combined search term search doesn’t work, like India AND colon*
Global perspective
  • Access World News(foreign news, including Al-Jazeera)
  • Global Issues in Context (tries to bring non-western perspective to controversial topics in world affairs)Global perspective (App for That! - Gale AML)
News then and now
  • Newsstand (Huge database of contemporary periodical publications).Use the Advanced search! Use your Twitter search terms to construct your search! Be use to use the “place name” delimiter and select your country!

  • ProQuest Historical Hartford Courant (goes back to 1750!) Remember this from Rev. Diaries?
  • ProQuest Historical Newspapers (starts at 1850) Remember this from Rev. Diaries?

Research process
Formatting bibliographies
In-text references

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When you've completed your research and are ready to construct your presentation slides, please consider how this slide set can become an experience for your students. Refer to this tutorial for lots of how tos:

The power point experience
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