Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Merchant in the Middle Ages

Ms. Arastu's rubric
  1. Who are you (ethnicity, religion)?
  2. Where are you from?
  3. Where are you going?
  4. How will you get there?
  5. How are you going to establish friendly contact with the local authority?
  6. What goods have you for trade?
  7. What would you like in return?
  8. How will you get what you want?
Use Destiny, the online catalog to locate additional resources. We added several video files to the collection. Just follow the instructions in the description to access them  Remember that all digital content is under the Digital Resources tab.

Remember: There is an app for Destiny Quest now! If you have an IOS or Droid device, please download the app. Instructions follow.

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  • ABC-CLIO Daily Life 
  • ABC-CLIO World History Ancient Civilizations
  • History in Context (there's an app for that)
  • Discovery/United Streaming
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