Wednesday, January 27, 2016

19th Century Intellectuals

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Possible topics:

This list is divided into two categories - biographically driven (top) and concept driven  (bottom) ideology.  That will determine which sources you consult. 

To research people and their ideas, use biographical references first.
To research concepts, consult resources about philosophy, epistemology, ideology, and history.

Dr. Schneider’s questions
Additional search ideas
Can reason alone create harmonious societies?  How could Comte help the United Nations?
Kind of the opposite of Machiavelli  - Trust? Think about parenting & education – strictness v. reason...
To what extent is Darwin’s theory accepted today as fact?  Is there any evidence of acceptance of the ideas of Social Darwinism today?
Theory of Evolution, class, social class, socioeconomic, equity, elite
Are statistics misleading?  Have we lost our “common values”?
Manipulation, data, evidence, facts
Why is Freud “analyzed”?  Has psychology helped us or made us neurotic about our neuroses? 
Analysis, psych*, oedipal, complex, neuro*
G. B. Shaw
Why was Shaw so controversial?  Is “Theater of the Absurd” absurd?
“theater of the absurd”, also consider “theatre of the absurd” to include multinational interpretation
To what extent did the redesign of cities help all people?  What are our current challenges in urban planning?
“urban spraul”, suburb*, inner-city
Why are the Russians electing Communists again?   What percentage of people in former Communist states now vote?  Our Communist Party is tiny.  Why?
Communism, socialism, democracy, elect*, “political representation”, state-owned, party, parties
Can we “will to power”—be anything we want as long as we work hard and have some ability?  Does it matter how we accomplish our goals?  Is Any Rand right?
American Dream, entrepreneur*, industrious*
Has the evolution of women’s rights contributed to the “breakdown of the family”?  In what ways has society benefited from the women’s movement?  What are NCHS views on the subject?
Feminism, gender role*, nuclear family, Eagle Forum
Van Gogh
Is Impressionism overrated?  Is modern art “garbage”?
Impressionism, “modern art”
Is the study of sociology a valid discipline or just biased observations?
“social structures”, “societal roles”
Challenges to Christianity
Did late 19thc. Theologians “kill God”?
Agnositic*, atheist*
Changes in the Roman Catholic church
Then and now…
Catholic*, Vatican, Pope
Were there any drawbacks to the development of department stores and consumerism?  What is the role of consumerism today?
Commercial*, material*
Are multi-national corporations just a form of “economic imperialism”?  Why should Eastern Europe and China welcome IBM?  To what extent is investment in the third world profitable?
Multinational, conglomerate, business, corpora*, “developing countries”, “developing nations”
How are “modernism” and “postmodernism” related?  Has the Deconstruction movement enlightened us?
Modernism,  Postmodernism,  Deconstruction
How has music changed during the past 100 years?  To what extent do the styles reflect values of the period?
Names of music genres
How did Einstein alter our view of the world?  Is Bill Gates the new Einstein?
“Steve Jobs”?
Public health
How has medicine changed during the past 100 years?  What are the current controversies?
Medicine, bio*, pharmaceutical*
To what extent did Gobineau Chamberlain influence racism today?
Prejudice, equity, opportunity,
The Jewish experience
Why did the Dreyfus Affair create so much tension?  What are the vestiges of anti-Semitism in Europe today?
Have unions outlived their usefulness?  Is there a “workers’ plight” today?
Labor, strike
Are the “welfare states” in Europe bankrupting their countries?  Is socialized medicine a viable approach?
Dole, “Great Society”
How have the motives and methods of Zionism changed over time?

Use the online catalog, Destiny, to access eBooks and other library resources.You must log in to access the full collection. Use your school user name and password. Instructions for downloading Destiny App instructions.

Use the generic user name and password to access the library's database page. 

      • Biographical databases:
      • Biography in Context
      • Gale Virtual Reference Library
Ideological databases:
      • Gale Virtual Reference Library
      • Expanded Academic ASAP (scholarly journals)
      • EBSCO - Academic Search Premier
Contemporary periodicals - implications for 21st century
      • NewsStand
      • EBSCO - MasterFILE Premier

The invisible or deep web will be excellent for this. Check out the links in the left sidebar. for that. It's clunky, but those resources are not accessible through a Google search and they tend to be excellent for this kind of research - lots of academic resources, as will Google Scholar (advanced search). See below.

We have a premium subscription to EasyBib. To access your account, log in to Google Apps and scroll down to EasyBib. Click on Google, if prompted. There is an app for EasyBib too. All you need to do to create a book citation is scan the ISBN number!
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