Tuesday, November 17, 2015


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Destiny has a plethora of digital content Decades, 1920s, and the actual station name will work.

Don't forget to download the Destiny Quest app! Basic --> Library URL: http://destiny.newcanaan.k12.ct.us -->Connect --> New Canaan High School --> log in with your personal NCPS log in User Name & Password  (the one you use to log in to a school computer).


      • ABC-CLIO: American History
      • History in Context
      • SIRS Decades
      • Historical Newspapers

Web content:

      • Time  Magazine archive
      • Life Magazine (photos) online
      • Library of Congress digital archiveDigital records of the Library of Congress - way cool stuff. Lots of images and special collections. Can be keyword searched, but there is also a helpful timeline feature. Just be sure to click on the "View document" to see what it says. Most documents are transcribed.
      • Office of the Historian: Search here for cornerstone United States history documents and media. This resource also provides background overview and context for its content. 
      • National Archives Use Digital Copies tab to locate cornerstone United States History documents and media. For example, typing Immigration Act of 1924 into the "with the exact phrase" field will produce a scanned copy of the original document.

Annotated Bibliography:

Annotated works cited/bibliography format

In an annotated works cited/bibliography, each annotation (150 words or less) is evaluative. The CRAAP test should help guide your evaluation (example of an annotation). Link to rubric.

  • Currency
  • Relevance
  • Accuracy
  • Authority
  • Purpose, or point of view

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