Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Imperialism - US History

Mr. Staffaroni's assignment
Ms. Swan's Presentation

By now, you should have downloaded the app for Destiny Quest to your device to locate print and electronic books. (instructions for configuring the app). If using a computer, be sure to sign-in so you can access digital content. Print resources are under the Titles page. Electronic resources, including websites and eBooks are under the Digital Resources page (tutorial).

We have a new tutorial showing students how to access different kinds of eBooks in Destiny on their mobile devices. 

What is the significance of this chart?
My hope is that is shows how you can break down research topics into categories. The next step is to decide which database you should consult to investigate each category.

Historical Newspapers will be essential for all research! Please use screenshots below to locate opinion articles.

ABC-CLIO American History
ABC-CLIO World History (modern)
History in Context

Ideas & Organizations:
Gale Virtual Reference Library
ABC-CLIO American History

Biography in Context

ABC-CLIO World Geography

The research piece will be relatively simple. It's the "yellow" part that will be difficult. I once had a piano teacher who explained that you can't do an interpretive rendition of a piece until you master the original. The same principal applies here. You must truly understand the event, person, place or idea before you can infuse your writing with the kind of bias you will need for this assignment. Own you subject first! Then write about it.

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