Thursday, December 15, 2011

Junior Research Paper

While many teachers approach this project differently, there are some things that apply universally. Hopefully, I have had a chance to visit your class during the early stages of the project. Please contact me or message me if you have questions!

You should know by now that Destiny is our portal for all electronic content, including databases!

You MUST log in to access electronic resources!

If you are not certain how to access resources in the catalog, please watch the introductory video (with Peter Reinhardt's music).
In class, I stressed the importance of toggling between the three tabs to locate print books (Library Titles), databases (OneSearch), eBooks (Digital Resources).

It is also important to adjust your search according to collection size. We have 28,000 print books, 70 databases, and 1,400 eBooks. Clearly you will need a much broader search to locate eBooks, than databases.

For example:
Immigration turns up 321 print books, an unwieldy number of database results, and 71 eBooks. It is too broad a search term for any of the three, but changing your search to Irish Immigrants will take your number of digital resource results down to one. We have many more eBooks that cover Irish immigrants that that, they just haven't been tagged (cataloged in library world) as such (yet).

We are trying to add subjects to the eBooks as fast as we can, but we are a little behind.


We no longer subscribe to ProQuest Platinum, but we do have ProQuest National Newspapers, (12 national news publications from the early-mid eighties on).
If you are looking for magazines, use Newsstand. It indexes thousands of periodicals, including several international publications.
If you are looking for a global perspective on an issue, use Global Issues in Context. If you want viewpoint essays on controversial topics, use Opposing Viewpoints in Context.

Class-specific resources:
Each teacher approaches this project a little differently. What follows are some notes that will help students explore the topic they have been assigned.

AMSTUD (wars in Iraq and Afghanistan):
  • ABC-CLIO has an overview database you might find helpful as a reference - World at War (This is database - refer to database page if you can't remember UN & PW)
  • For video resources, Frontline, (PBS show) is excellent! They have oodles of episodes on the topic. Check out the Topics button - there is one for each war! Use can also use the search field and explore!
  •  As promised, I added a block of "trusted news sources" to the left side-bar.

Gallo (emphasis on psychology):
  • Psychology Collection (This is a Gale Database - refer to database page if you can't remember the password)
  • PsychWeb (Invisible Web source for psychology resources)
  • InfoMine (Invisible Web source for psychology resources)
  • Intute Psychology (closed last July, but still helpful)
  • IPL2 (Invisible Web source for psychology resources)

We now have a premium EasyBib subscription. You MUST be logged into Google Apps to access it! Please see instructional video below.

How are you using your iPod or phone, if you have one?
Are you using it for this? You SHOULD!
Take a look at the left sidebar to see what apps can help you with your productivity.

Newsstand, Opposing Viewpoints, and Global Issues and about 550 eBooks are all in the Gale Access My School Library app. It's free! There is a tutorial for adding that app in the left sidebar.

Not sure how to cite sources? The entire citation manual is accessible through the QR code in the left sidebar. Don't have a QR code reader? Get one! They are free.

EasyBib? Yup. There is an app for that. It's free.

Destiny? After the winter break, there will be an app for that too!.

Same time, maximize productivity, learn more. Use your device!

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