Monday, October 1, 2012

Baghdad/Cairo Museum Project

What tabs should we have open when we start research? Answer

Listen to this radio clip from NPR to help you better understand the difference between plagiarism and paraphrasing

Key Terms for today's lesson:

Plagiarize: Definition
Paraphrase: Definition
Common Knowledge: Definition

Pop Quiz! 
93% of New Canaan High School students attend a 4-year university after graduation. Common Knowledge or information needing a citation?

Use this Note-Taking Rubric as a guide when creating your notes:


Here are a few helpful screenshots:

This 2-minute video will give you quick overview of how to create, group, and share your notes in EasyBib: 

To practice correct note-taking skills, read the highlighted section of Thieves of Baghdad and complete the Notecard Handout provided. Remember to use the Note-Taking Rubric as a guide when making your notes. 

NEW! Came across this great iPad app, thanks to @AuntyTech on Twitter :-) Qwiki - looks great for this project!

Search terms that help you find PERSIA+GT (see left sidebar, PERISA+GT, for more)
  • Political - politic* OR gov*
  • Economic - econ* OR trade*
  • Religious - religio* OR god*
  • Social - soci* OR famil*OR marriage OR divorce OR child
  • Aesthetic - art* OR pyramid*OR architect*
  • Geography - geolog* OR topogra*OR arable OR farm OR agricult* OR transport*
  • Technological - tech* OR tool* 
Online library catalog:

Did you know... it's the only place to access our 1,400 eBooks? 
Did you's a great place to search for database articles
NCHS research starts with Destiny!

You can search for your city by name.

We recommend the following databases (remember, you can search these in Destiny!):
Log to access database page (Do not use your personal user name and password. See pg 45 of your planner if you can't remember the authentication information).
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library (App available!)
  • History in Context (can limit search to images)
  • ABC-CLIO (can limit search to images)
  • NewsStand (current news) 

    ***Start with these resources on your assignment:
    Additional search terms: Mesopotamia*, Tigris, Euphrates, Sumer*. Babylon*. Hittit*, Assyria*, Persia*

    * = Truncation symbol. Truncation symbols will provide variant spelling after the root word. 

    Example: god* = god, goddess, gods

    We now have EasyBib premium. All you need to do to access it is to log into Google Apps, scroll down, click on EasyBib, and click Google. That's it! (video tutorial at the bottom of this post)

    NEW! EasyBib has a note-taking tool to help keep track of your artifacts (ancient items) and evaluate which best represent the contributions of your early civilization.

    Accessing Premium when Your School has a Google Apps Domain from michelle luhtala on Vimeo.
    Use this tutorial if your school has a Google Apps domain and a premium EasyBib account, and you haven't yet signed into your account.

    And BTW, there is an EasyBib app. 

    EasyBib's video instructions for the app:

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