Monday, May 16, 2011

World Crisis

Remember, you need 5 articles! Keep track of your sources as you go. Database links die, so keep track of your citations, not just links.

We are going to create a newspaper of your collected information using Twitter. We would like you to set up a Twitter account (please see Ms. Luhtala if you prefer not to. We have other options). I also recommend a  social media dashboard like:
Seesmic (Windows)

My favorite Twitter tutorials are on this blog (Twitter 101 and Twitter 102)

This is the NCHS social studies hashtag: #ncramsss Your Tweets will NOT be recorded if you do not include this hashtag in them, nor will they be recorded if they don't contain links!

You should, at this point, know how to get background information on your country, but just in case, here are recommended Internet sources:

Remember how to log in to the database page? Page 41 of your NCHS planner!

Country background information:
  • ABC-CLIO World Geography
  • Countries and Their Cultures
  • World Data Analyst
Current events:
Power Search (THERE'S AN APP 4 THAT - see left sidebar)
ProQuest Platinum
Global Issues in Context (THERE'S AN APP 4 THAT - see left sidebar)

Social News 

Once you have a sense of what you are looking for, and what stories you want to cover, start looking for web links you can Tweet. You can't Tweet database articles. World news services organized geographically - This is a great way to find out what today's hot stories are in countries around the world, and the names of the mainstream news sources for specific countries. 

Live Twitter feeds from various countries in the Middle East & North Africa

  1. We are archiving your Tweets research in a
  2. Our Paper.Li will only capture your Tweets with links!
  3. Shorten your URLs:
  4. BEWARE! This is the real world and there may be inappropriate content including violent images. Be responsible.
  5. Be critical. Review your resources carefully (rubric coming). Think about what you are looking at:
  • Is your source a blog? (i.e. Facebook, Wordpress, Blogger/Blogspot)
  • Is it a news source? (i.e. Reuters, NYT, BBC, Associated Press, Al-Jazeera)
  • Is it a reference source (CIA World Factbook, etc...)

Hashtag reminder: #ncramsss

Ms. Luhtala on Twitter: @mluhtala

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