Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Books: For your research, we have an excellent collection of books. The call number for U.S. immigration is 304.873, followed by the name of the country of origin. We also have hundreds of eBooks, all of which can be accesses through the online catalog.

eBooks of interest (THERE'S AN APP 4 THAT! - see left sidebar) :

Use the school user name and password, not your personal one to access the page (see p. 41 of your NCHS planner)

Encyclopedia Britannica Multilingual
Global Issues in Context - non-American perspective on global issues (THERE'S AN APP 4 THAT - see sidebar
Informe (THERE'S AN APP 4 THAT - see sidebar)
PowerSearch - current periodicals (THERE'S AN APP 4 THAT - see sidebar)
ProQuest Platinum (search in Spanish and some of your results will be in Spanish)
Roper iPoll - a public opinion survey database

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