Monday, April 25, 2011

Current Events - Webb

Before you get started with your assignment, you need to figure out the following:
  1. Your country name now, and any other names it may have had in the past
  2. Where in the world your country is located (a continent helps, but neighbors are important too)
  3. Was your country ever controlled by another country?
  4. Is your country currently in crisis?
  5. Does your country rock? Does it suck? I get that these are ridiculous oversimplifications, but sometimes you need to get the big picture
To do this, I suggest: World news services organized geographically.

Live Twitter feeds from various countries 
for above (you can enter a URL and it will translate the whole site, use BabelFish to translate).

We are archiving our research in a
To use Twitter, I recommend a few things:
1. Open a TweetDeck, Seesmic, or HootSuite account to manage your streams - it is a whole lot easier to follow our class and reTweet (personally, I love TweetDeck).
2. You must include links in your Tweets, which means that your research has to come from Tweets with links (see graphic below). You can't base your research on 140 character messages.
3. To find links to Facebook pages about unrest, keep an eye out for URLs that include fb like BEWARE! This is the real world and there may be inappropriate content including violent images. Be responsible. Use Babelfish to translate.
Twitter: Use above to find out the major news publications for your country, then follow those on Twitter (i.e.Al-Jazeera is @AJELive on Twitter). 
4. Be critical. Review your resources carefully (rubric coming). Think about what you are looking at:
  1. Do not reTweet Wikileaks, unless you talk to a teacher about it first.
  2. Is your source a blog? (i.e. Facebook, Wordpress, Blogger/Blogspot)
  3. Is it a news source? (i.e. Reuters, NYT, BBC, Associated Press)
  4. Is it a reference source (CIA World Factbook, etc...)
Link to spreadsheet with contact information (sign in with to access)


Hashtag: #ncramsss
@ncramsss - Mr. Webb
@nchslmc - NCHS Library
@swanc - Ms. Swan
@mluhtala - Ms. Luhtala

Link to spreadsheet with contact information (sign in with to access)

URL shorteners:

You can cross search all of these at one time by using the Gale Virtual Reference Library (awesome iPhone and iPad apps - Access My Library - School Edition)
Research process
Formatting bibliographies
In-text references
Google Maps Tutorial: Please remember to save as you go -  NOT at the end of the period!
Scribblemaps Tutorial: Save, Save, Save!
       For both Google Maps and Scribblemaps, please save the map you're working on AND convert it to a .kml file every time you work on it to prevent the loss of data if your map freezes.

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