Tuesday, March 22, 2011

World War I - Macomber

Ms. Macomber's assignment

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Since you will be looking at PERSIA + GT for a specific chronological time frame, I recommend starting with reference books to start accumulating relevant search terms and phrases:
Timetables of History (World or US) REF 902.02 GRUN and REF 973 TIMET
World Eras, vol. 9  and American Decades, vol. 2 REF 903 WORLD and REF 973 AMERI

Please not that when Ms. Macomber says you need a book in print, the above resources wll not suffice - they are reference books and we'll talk about what that means in class for both books and databases.

Speaking of databases...
We have a mobile app for all the Gale resources (I starred* them below). Here are tutorials for downloading the apps (phone and iPad). It's a wee-bit tricky. Remember, you are looking for scholarly journal articles for this project!

Please refer to both graphics on  left. Just click on them to see them better.

  • Expanded Academic ASAP*
  • ProQuest Platinum (use new interface)
  • History in Context*
  • SIRS Decades (Primary sources)
  • Annals of American History (Primary sources) - lots of foreign policy documents with global impact

Wordles for PERSIA+GT:

Search the online catalog for resources, but most are in 940.3.Of course the upside about the online catalog is that it can help you generate a bibliography of your print resources (tutorial). You can also use QuickCite to generate citations for print resources for print resources (tutorial). Don't have a smart phone? No worries! Check one out at the circulation desk!

Many books are on a cart at this point because students have been pulling them. Overnight checkout only. 

Pre-assessment results follow. You guys are good! We'll have a follow us evaluation of what you learned as this project winds down.

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