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World Interactions

World Interactions website

Google Doc: Everyone needs to add to this!

There's an app for all Gale products! It's called Gale Access My Library (School Edition).   iPad tutorial   iPhone/Droid tutorial Not sure which are Gale products? Look for red asterisk: *
Hey, Have you seen QuickCite? It's a way cool app for citing print books

You can search the online catalog for this project, because most of what you are looking for is really well covered in print. There is a World Interactions public list under resources

Be sure to keep track of your sources as you go. You don't want to retrace your steps later to locate the information for the bibliography. Almost all of our databases, include a "cite this" feature. It is usually found at the bottom of the page.

Helpful databases include:
Remember user name and password information is posted on p.41 of your NCHS Planner

  • Encyclopaedia Britannica (just to start, no more!)
  • ABC-CLIO: Ancient and Medieval Eras
  • History in Context*
  • Biography in Context*
You can search all ebooks simultaneously in the Gale Virtual Reference Library*
or you can select specific books from the list below. You will get a message that looks like an error message, but just click on the link and enter the password (password only - no user name) 
These resources should help you learn more about most of the topics you are expected to examine. If you have any trouble, please post to the Research & Bibliographies discussion in the forum below. Here are the questions:

Google Scholar is also a brilliant resource for research. You can use this to locate hard-to-find information from digitized books.

General questions
  1. Indicate location of any splits within religion and why (ie: Islamic leadership debate)
  2. Identify any environmental disasters and their impact on society (ie: Black Death)
  3. Trace trade routes (ie: Hanseatic League)
  4. Identify places of battle and indicate any changes in rule (ie: Mongols)
  5. Any similarities with other belief systems (ie: similar flood stories)
  6. What effect did the religion's development and/or movement have on gender roles, education and/or the government of society?

You may have a little trouble with the topics below. I have listed some additional search terms to consider:
Role of Women - famil*, children, marriage
Role in Education - teach*, school*, learn*
Role in Government - politic*, administra*, regime, goverrn*, the proper names of specific rulers, governmental titles (like Queen, or Emperor)
One last thing: most of these topics are pretty mainstream, but
Legalism can present a few challenges. Refer to The Art of War, by Sun Tzu. It will help a lot.
Druids: We have four or five books on the Celts that have extensive entries on Druids - just check the index.
Now, open your email, look for the email from Ms. Goldhawk Subject: World Interactions Project email. Open it. Follow instructions.

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