Monday, March 21, 2011

Junior Research Paper - Benedict

Mr. Benedict's assignment, and the additional page regarding sources

So it looks as though you need to reference full-text literature, songs, visual art, film and plays then draw correlation between those and the concrete world, developing from those relationships a thesis.

In the mobile app for the literature, Academic ASAP, Opposing Viewpoints, and the Psychology  collection, you can use the search field at the very top to cross-search the entire Gale periodical collection at once, but that won't include the literature criticism database or the historical database :-(

ProQuest Platinum
ProQuest Historical Newspapers (1850-19990) When viewing results, click "see all" and sort by relevance) - usually helps
Proquest Historical Hartford Courant (1750-1990)
Psychology  Collection
Roper iPoll (Public opinion survey)

 We also have some digital reference books you may want to consult: 
 These are all available on the mobile app in Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL). On the ipad, you can search them all at one, or individually. On smaller devices, just use GVRL.

Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians  

Remember all passwords are listed on pg. 41 of your NCHS planner, and on the NCHS Library database page

Another excellent resource for literary criticism comes out of University of Michigan the Internet Public Library's literary collection. This is part of the "deep web" or the invisible web  - databases of (mostly) free resources that are seldom picked up by typical search engine searches. Google Scholar is a great place to explore for are to find resources too.

Citing sources:

Holiday, Billie. “God Bless the Child.” Rec. 9 May 1941. The Essence of Billie Holiday. Columbia, 1991. CD.

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