Tuesday, October 17, 2017

River Valley Civilizations (A.K.A. Museum Project)

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  1. Q: "Hello. I am trying to write a note in my shared EasyBib bibliography but it says the notebook is in view only mode. How do I write a note?"
    A: "We made a quick tutorial that answers your question https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hxed3lTC4G4"

  2. Q: "Where on the annex website do I find the username and password that would allow me to access the database link?"
    A: "If you have Mr. Phillips for social studies, it is on your checklist. But it's UN: ____ PW: ________ (We cannot publish it online, but it is accessible in the NCHS library quick guide at http://bit.ly/nchslibraryguide."

  3. Q: "I am trying to get into a data base that is red for the freshman ap museum project but the username and password given is not working."
    A: "which database?"
    Q: "ABC-CLIO ancient times."
    A: "ABC-CLIO is orange - Compare it to Roper iPoll, which is red. The UN: ____ PW: ________ (We cannot publish it online, but it is accessible in the NCHS library quick guide at http://bit.ly/nchslibraryguide."

  4. Q: "Hello again, I am still having trouble getting onto my notes. Today in school I used the coupon code and it worked but now I'm running into the same problem. I really need to take notes and I'm not sure what to do. Thanks!"
    A: "I'm guessing that the error message you're receiving is actually telling you that your coupon code is good and you're ready to go. It's probably easier to walk you through it with a phone call, rather than a text message. You can call me back tonight at __________ I'll be up for another half an hour. Thanks."
    Q: "Hi, I'm sorry I just got your message. It's probably too late to call but I think my class will see you tomorrow. thanks!"
    A: "We figured out what the problem is. Instead of clicking on the Notes & Outline in the black navigation menu, click on the word "Notebook" next to the word Bibliography next to the project name in the project page. Here is a screenshot http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-KqOnFfoc10Q/UkW10ktfzII/AAAAAAAAJUs/yRWJ2efDyr0/s640/Opening+notebook.png"

  5. A: "Additional instructions on accessing the EasyBib notebook from home can be found at https://www.thinglink.com/scene/440516491155079169#tlsite They are also included in the Museum Project above"

  6. Q: "How do I combine both bibliographies into one, and how do you print out the notes (from bibliography) hierarchy?"
    A: "Here is the tutorial that explains how to merge bibliographies http://youtu.be/inyWQcWWqFE For printing out notes, here is the tutorial http://youtu.be/qQtcdB4df50?t=1m16s"

    1. Q: I'm in Mr. Stevensons Global 1 class. My question is do both me and my partner need to creat an easybib bibliography to take notes or can we share one easybib and both take notes 7:59 PM
      A: You each need to create your own because you cannot "collaborate" on the same notecards. BUT...and I didn't show this in class today because I didn't want to over-vide-ize you guys, if you invite one another to your bibliographies, you CAN import each others' citations into your own bibliographies, and write your own notecards about shared resources. The tutorial is on THE ANNEX@, but here is the link as well. http://youtu.be/inyWQcWWqFE

  7. Q: "Hi! How do I create a plaque on the wall of my 3d museum?"
    A: "Not sure about that. Let me look into it."
    A: "I got an answer from Ms. Rodell today. Here is her tutorial. There is no sound, so don't listen for anything. Just watch. http://youtu.be/W-NTBCmhG4Q"

  8. Q: I have a question regarding the specifics of the Museum project (Mrs. Macomber's class) can I research something such as...temples in ancient Mesopotamia (for technology) and what they were used for or how they were built. And then for my artifact look up a picture of one of the mud blocks? Or does it have to be specific to the exact artifact I look up 8:59 PM
    A: That is a great question! You can research your artifact however you want to. You may need to step back and do exactly what you propose, which is to research a more widely covered relic (e.g., a temple), and then hone in on one detail (e.g. an inscription, or a mud block). It is important to explain the relationship between your research, your knowledge about your artifact and your fact-based justification for choosing to include it in your exhibit. So the short answer to your awesome question is YES!

  9. Q: Hello, trying to figure out if I can re-access my EasyBib note for a social studies project, in case I need to edit my notes later. 6:36 PM
    A: Yes! Here is a 30 second demo http://youtu.be/xC83RwH7LPw (might still be processing)

  10. Q: Hello library staff! The librarian working with my class, ms Cohen I think, showed me a great resource and But I can't seem to find it, I think the name was something like mashup, if you know of anything please help me.
    A: Who is your teacher and what project is this for? Have you checked out Ms. Cohen's site? Here is the link. It's on THE ANNEX@ in the top left-hand corner.
    Q: My teacher is Rothschild and the project is for a museum and I will check this website out. A: K. Let me know if you need more info. I missed her instruction on that one, but I thought it was http://learni.st/category/featured that she featured.

  11. Q: Hey!! I had a question on how to get your easybib notes on a google doc I checked all the videos!!
    A: It's at the end of this video http://youtu.be/qQtcdB4df50?t=1m22s Print uncheck the outline, then copy and paste
    Q: Ok thank you so much!
    A: :-) ANYTIME! Seriously. Just ask!

  12. Q: This is _________, i have a question about the museum project, how do you save the museum on google docs so that you can access it at school?
    A: Hi _________, Is this the one you are doing in Google Sketch-up?
    Q: Yes
    A: OK. I don't know the answer to that, but I am checking.
    Q: Thanks
    A: Still investigating, but it looks like there should be a "share" link, and that you can use that to email it to yourself. http://productforums.google.com/forum/#!searchin/sketchup/sharing/sketchup/b6BCYN5JUCo/tBcWYoeyw2sJ
    Q: Thank you
    A: OK. I just downloaded Sketchup and it looks like, under File, you have the option to export. You can export it two ways - 2D and 3D. I remember in years, passed, we have used the Google Earth option - a .kmz file (3D). I would do that AND, just to be safe, I would also export it as a .jpg (2D). So I would export it both ways, store it on your computer, then upload it to a Google Doc.
    Q: Ok thanks for the help
    A: I know you can add a picture (.jpg) to a Google Doc -> insert -> image. You can also upload any kind of file to Google Drive and get a link to it under "Share" Grab that link for the .kmz file, copy and paste it into your document. This is hard because I don't have all the information, but this should hold you until you get to class tomorrow,
    A: Who is your teacher?
    Q: Stevenson
    Q: I think i found a solution
    Q: I downloaded google drive for my computer desktop
    Q: It allowed me to drag my sketch up file into the google drive folder
    A: That will work, but you don't need to. You can just save both the .kmz and .jpg files to your computer and then upload the files to Drive online.
    A: But that is a creative solution to eliminating a lot of steps! Nice work!
    Q: Thanks for the help!
    A: My pleasure. Any time!