Wednesday, September 18, 2013

International World Summit

Your Assignment

You will need to get an overview, and then dig a little deeper to get at the more idiosyncratic aspects of your leader's regime.

Use the generic library user name and password to access the database page.

      • Biography Reference Center (name says it all)
      • History Reference Center (primary and secondary sources)
      • AcademicSearch Premier (academic journals)

This following 2-minute video will give you quick overview of how to create, group, and share your notes in EasyBib: 

Here is the note-taking template and rubric.

You received an email with your EasyBib Coupon Code instructions from Ms. Luhtala on 9/11/2013. These slides will walk you through accessing and using your account.

Catherine the Great
Elizabeth I
Emperor Qianlong
Louis XIV
Montezuma/Moctezuma II
Peter the Great
Phillip II
Shah Abbas
Shogun Ieyasu
Suleiman the Magnificent

Questions to help you prepare:
  • How did you establish your empire?
  • How do you treat your people? Cite three common fears your people might have, and how you would allay them.
  • Describe your military and any wars your country has fought in the last 50 years. 
  • Describe the expansion in your territory. What military technology do you use?
  • How do you treat conquered people? How do you handle the different religions, beliefs, languages and customs in your empire?
  • Is there social mobility in your empire? If not, why not? If so, describe it.
  • How do you control opposition? Do you have a parliament? Court system? Laws? 
  • What is your leadership/management style?
  • What current problems do you face and how do you propose to overcome them?
  • What accomplishments can you claim? What are the strengths of your empire? 
  • What legacies will your empire leave?
  • What will make your empire decline? What would you have changed to prevent such a decline?
Download the DestinyQuest app to locate print and eBooks
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Here is how to locate and read eBooks, once you have the app.

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