Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Medieval Empires

Empires to consider:

  • Tang and Song Dynasties, China
  • Abbasid Empire, Middle East
  • Byzantine Empire, Eastern Europe
  • Kingdoms of Ghana and Mali, Africa
  • Mogul Empire, Asia
  • Ming Dynasty, China
  • Delhi Sultanate, South Asia
  • Kingdom of Ethiopia, Africa
->Important search tip: Silk Road between 600 CE and 1450 CE 

Check for alternative spellings and identify the correct time frame. This is essential - particularly in Africa, where there are countries that are now named after these empires, but not necessarily geographically or historically aligned with the actual empires.

About PERSIA + GT. Look in the left sidebar. Do you see these? There is a list of literally hundreds of search terms for PERSIA+GT. Please think out of the box on this. Do not confine yourself to the search terms on your assignment handout. 

Please use Destiny, the online catalog. Not only do we have a plethora of eBooks, but we have excellent print sources for this project - again particularly for the African kingdoms, which are a little more obscure in the mainstream databases. Download the DestinyQuest app!

Download the Gale appDatabases you will find helpful include: 
      • Encyclopaedia Britannica
      • ABC-CLIO (Ancient & Medieval Eras, and Daily Life Throughout History)
      • History Resource Center
      • Gale Virtual Reference Library (these resources are also accessible via Destiny)
      • Ancient & Medieval World (Marshall Cavendish)

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