Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Senate Simulation

Your assignment
Link to form
State info:
You will find most of the information you need in ABC-CLIO: United States Geography.
There are a few things you won't find there though.
Other helpful resources include:
Since the census is not accessible, we set up trials to two different databases:

Now find your state's major newspapers at 50 States. com. You can search MAS Ultra School Edition publications for some of those newspapers if they charge for article access. See slides below. ***

This is actually a pretty cool hotlinks resource (visually, it could use improvement) - links to legislative portals for every state in the union. 

Please refer to your NCHS planner for user name and password information (must log in to GApps - @ncps-k12.org - to access this document online).

MAS Ultra School Edition - follow instructions in SlideRocket presentation above to locate articles from/about your state.

Other helpful databases:
  • Roper iPoll - Public opinion  survey
  • Opposing Viewpoints in Context - two sides of controversial issues
  • Global Issues in Context - International affairs
  • National Newspapers - only 5 major national newspapers - won't help you better usderstand your state's take on major issues as well as local publications. 
Citing Roper iPoll (crowdsourcing a response from the Twittersphere, but use this for now):

University of Maryland. Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA)/Knowledge Networks. "Americans on Iraq & the UN Inspections [USUMARY.022103.R37]." iPoll Databank. Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, 2003. Web. 10 Dec. 2012.

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