Sunday, February 26, 2012

Issues in Christianity and Judaism

  • Anti-Semitism (CCOT)
  • Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jews
  • Dietary Laws
  • Israeli/Palestinian sovereignty
  • The Diaspora
  • Non-practicing Jews (ex. Russian immigrants to Israel)
  • Orthodox/Reform/Conservative (major differences and similarities)
  • Role of women
  • Zionism
  • Abortion
  • Catholic/Orthodox schism
  • Gay marriage
  • Missionary work (nursing, teaching orders)
  • Mormonism
  • Protestant family tree
  • Regional issues (Africa or Asia or Latin America)
  • Role of women
  • Science and Religion

ALERT! We are experiencing some access issues with the database page. Please complete this questionnaire from home (if you have not already done so)! If you cannot access the database page via the normal link, please use this alternative link
Since you are expected to use the current newspapers for your research, I strongly suggest the National Newspapers database for your research. 

Increasingly, newspapers are requiring steep subscription fees. You have access to most of them through our NCHS databses - if National Newspapers isn't working for you, then use NewsStand. It is more comprehensive. With the databases, you can cross-search publications simultaneously. It saves you a lot of time. 

Please note the left sidebar - there is a list of conservative and liberal publications. Under the "other Media" category that follows the liberal and conservative listings, PBS, NPR and BBC are all liberal. FOX is conservative.

Other useful databases include:
  • Global Issues in Context (non-western point-of-view)
  • Opposing Viewpoints in context (controversial issues, as seen from both sides)
  • Roper iPoll (public opinion survey database - excellent for analyzing change over time - particularly in the last 10 years) 
For background information on historical events mentioned in your articles, please refer to 
  • History in Context and 

Remember to keep track of your sources in EasyBib! All you need to do to access your account is to log into your Google Apps account, then you are in!


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