Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Things They Carried

Online catalog:
iraq AND war AND (service* OR soldier* OR militar* OR veteran*)

ABC-CLIO America at War
ProQuest Platinum
Roper iPoll

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Books: For your research, we have an excellent collection of books. The call number for U.S. immigration is 304.873, followed by the name of the country of origin. We also have hundreds of eBooks, all of which can be accesses through the online catalog.

eBooks of interest (THERE'S AN APP 4 THAT! - see left sidebar) :

Use the school user name and password, not your personal one to access the page (see p. 41 of your NCHS planner)

Encyclopedia Britannica Multilingual
Global Issues in Context - non-American perspective on global issues (THERE'S AN APP 4 THAT - see sidebar
Informe (THERE'S AN APP 4 THAT - see sidebar)
PowerSearch - current periodicals (THERE'S AN APP 4 THAT - see sidebar)
ProQuest Platinum (search in Spanish and some of your results will be in Spanish)
Roper iPoll - a public opinion survey database

Monday, May 16, 2011

World Crisis

Remember, you need 5 articles! Keep track of your sources as you go. Database links die, so keep track of your citations, not just links.

We are going to create a newspaper of your collected information using Twitter. We would like you to set up a Twitter account (please see Ms. Luhtala if you prefer not to. We have other options). I also recommend a  social media dashboard like:
Seesmic (Windows)

My favorite Twitter tutorials are on this blog (Twitter 101 and Twitter 102)

This is the NCHS social studies hashtag: #ncramsss Your Tweets will NOT be recorded if you do not include this hashtag in them, nor will they be recorded if they don't contain links!

You should, at this point, know how to get background information on your country, but just in case, here are recommended Internet sources:

Remember how to log in to the database page? Page 41 of your NCHS planner!

Country background information:
  • ABC-CLIO World Geography
  • Countries and Their Cultures
  • World Data Analyst
Current events:
Power Search (THERE'S AN APP 4 THAT - see left sidebar)
ProQuest Platinum
Global Issues in Context (THERE'S AN APP 4 THAT - see left sidebar)

Social News 

Once you have a sense of what you are looking for, and what stories you want to cover, start looking for web links you can Tweet. You can't Tweet database articles. World news services organized geographically - This is a great way to find out what today's hot stories are in countries around the world, and the names of the mainstream news sources for specific countries. 

Live Twitter feeds from various countries in the Middle East & North Africa

  1. We are archiving your Tweets research in a
  2. Our Paper.Li will only capture your Tweets with links!
  3. Shorten your URLs:
  4. BEWARE! This is the real world and there may be inappropriate content including violent images. Be responsible.
  5. Be critical. Review your resources carefully (rubric coming). Think about what you are looking at:
  • Is your source a blog? (i.e. Facebook, Wordpress, Blogger/Blogspot)
  • Is it a news source? (i.e. Reuters, NYT, BBC, Associated Press, Al-Jazeera)
  • Is it a reference source (CIA World Factbook, etc...)

Hashtag reminder: #ncramsss

Ms. Luhtala on Twitter: @mluhtala

Sunday, May 8, 2011

To Kill a Mockingbird

Everyone should consult the book Understanding To Kill a Mockingbird in Context (813.009). We have five copies.

Also check Google Scholar:

The following eBook collection will help you all. To conserve space here, I lumped them all together. You will need the user name and password (log into you Google Apps account,, to access document) information to access the ebook

Gale (THERE'S AN APP 4 THAT - instructions in left sidebar - this is in the Gale Virtual Reference library):
Recommended sites for images:
What follows are suggested searches for your assigned topics:

Online catalog, Destiny:
Hate crime
          • ABC-CLIO American History
          • Annals of American History
          • History in Context (THERE'S AN APP 4 THAT - instructions in left sidebar)
          • Gale Virtual Reference Library (THERE'S AN APP 4 THAT - instructions in left sidebar)
          • Dallas Morning News Historical Archive
          • ProQuest Historical Newspapers 
          • ProQuest Historical Hartford Courant 
          • Roper iPoll (public opinion survey)
          • SIRS Decades
        Alcoholic parents and their affect on their children:  
        Al-Anon might be a useful web destination
        Online catalog, Destiny: alcohol* AND (parent* OR mother* OR father*) alcohol* AND child* alcoholism
              • ABC-CLIO Issues
              • Health and Wellness Resource Center
              • Gale Virtual Reference Library
              • Opposing Viewpoints in Contest
              • ProQuest Platinum 
            Circumstantial evidence: what is it and can it be used to convict someone? A useful online resource: Findlaw
            Online catalog, Destiny: criminal* AND law* trial AND evidence
                  • ABC-CLIO: Issues
                  • Opposing Viewpoints in Context
                  • PowerSearch
                  • ProQuest Platinum
                Ku Klux Klan in the 1930’s. Do they still exist? 
                Online catalog, Destiny: "Ku Klux Klan"
                      • ABC-CLIO: American History 
                      • ABC-CLIO Issues
                      • History in Context
                      • Gale Virtual Reference Library 
                      • Opposing Viewpoints
                      • PowerSearch
                      • ProQuest Platinum
                      • Roper iPoll
                  Death penalty: 1930’s
                  Search Destiny, the online catalog: "death penalty"
                        • Dallas Morining News Historical Newspapers
                        • Gale Virtual Reference Library
                        • History in Context
                        • ProQuest Historical Hartford Courant
                        • ProQuest Historical Newspapers
                        • Roper iPoll
                      Abuse victims: How does that change their lives 
                      Search Destiny, the online catalog for "Child Abuse" OR "emotional abuse" OR "Domestic violence"
                            • Dallas Morning News Historical Newspapers
                            • Gale Virtual Reference Library
                            • History in Context
                            • ProQuest Historical Hartford Courant
                            • ProQuest Historical Newspapers
                            • Roper iPoll
                            • SIRS decades 
                          Interracial relationships in the 1930’s. Were they ever outlawed in this country? Useful website NPR: Loving Decision: 40 Years of Legal Interracial Unions Search Destiny, the online catalog: interracial OR miscegen*
                                • Dallas Morning News Historical Newspapers
                                • Gale Virtual Reference Library
                                • History in Context
                                • ProQuest Historical Hartford Courant
                                • ProQuest Historical Newspapers
                                • Roper iPoll
                                • SIRS decades
                              Jim Crow and the justice system. Maybe Scottsboro boys Useful website:  
                              Search Destiny, the online catalog for: "Jim Crow" OR "separate but equal"
                                    • ABC-CLIO: American History
                                    • Dallas Morning News Historical Newspapers
                                    • Gale Virtual Reference Library
                                    • History in Context
                                    • ProQuest Historical Hartford Courant
                                    • ProQuest Historical Newspapers
                                    • Roper iPoll
                                    • SIRS decades
                                  Harper Lee: Her relationship with her father Search Destiny, the online catalog for "Harper Lee" AND literature
                                        • Biography in Context
                                        • Gale Literature in Context
                                        • ProQuest Platinum
                                      Adolf Hitler’s reasons for targeting the Jewish people   
                                      Search Destiny, the card catalog for "Hitler OR Nazi*" AND Jews
                                            • ABC-CLIO: World at War
                                            • Biography in Context
                                            • History in Context
                                            • Roper iPoll

                                      Thursday, May 5, 2011

                                      Trade Simulation

                                      World Empires & TradeBefore the European Renaissance 

                                      We have three eBook providers, and that is only relevant for you because you will access them differently. 

                                      • You can read Follett eBooks in Destiny, the online catalog. Only one person can read a Follett book at a time (that will change in December). The reader (top right of screen - Read Online) depends on Flash, which makes them hard to read on an iPad/iPhone, but there is a tiny oval button at bottom of the screen that allows you to Read eBook without Flash. Be sure to click to a page, as the book cover will make it look like it isn't working. You will need our school's password (see p 41 of your planner).
                                      • We have about 550 ABC-CLIO eBooks. You can locate them two ways: individually, through Destiny, and also through the ABC-CLIO eBook collection. You need to log on to ABC-CLIO to access these. (database key is on database page or you can log in to Google Apps ( and retrieve it from the image on left sidebar here in @THE ANNEX.
                                      • Gale eBooks are housed in the Gale Virtual Reference Library, but you can also access individual eBooks through Destiny. The Gale password is the same here as it is for Follett eBooks. There are iPad, iPhone, and Droid Apps for all our Gale products that simplify the log-in process, and searching as you can search all eBooks and databases all at once.

                                      A history of India (Follett)    
                                      The history of Iran
                                      A brief history of Iraq
                                      A brief history of Israel
                                      A brief history of Afghanistan
                                      The history of Thailand
                                      The history of Cambodia
                                      The history of Indonesia
                                      The history of Egypt
                                       The history of Ghana
                                      The history of South Africa
                                      The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire
                                      History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire;
                                      Medieval weapons an illustrated history of their impact
                                      Milestones in archaeology a chronological encyclopedia

                                      Remember to check page 41 of your NCHS planner for the user name and password information.

                                      ABC-CLIO - Daily Life Throughout History
                                      ABC-CLIO - World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras
                                      History in Context (THERE's AN APP 4 THAT - see left sidebar)

                                      Tuesday, May 3, 2011

                                      Church and State

                                      We have eBooks you can access from home:
                                      You will need to use the ABC-CLIO log on to access the eBooks.
                                      There's an app for the Gale eBooks (There's an app 4 that - see left sidebar)

                                      Abortion in the United States a reference handbook (ABC-CLIO)
                                      American religions an illustrated history(ABC-CLIO)
                                      American Indian Religious Traditions an Encyclopedia (ABC-CLIO)
                                      Cults: A Reference Handbook (ABC-CLIO)
                                      Cults in America (ABC-CLIO)
                                      Encyclopedia of Native American Healing (ABC-CLIO)
                                      Encyclopedia of Native American shamanism sacred ceremonies of North America (ABC-CLIO)
                                      Mainline Christians and U.S. public policy a reference handbook(ABC-CLIO)
                                      Religion and the law in America an encyclopedia of personal belief and public policy (ABC-CLIO)
                                      Religion and politics a reference handbook (ABC-CLIO)
                                      Religion in the schools a reference handbook (ABC-CLIO)
                                      Religion on trial a handbook with cases, laws, and documents (ABC-CLIO)
                                      Religious freedom rights and liberties under the law (ABC-CLIO)
                                      Treaties with American Indians an Encyclopedia of Rights, Conflicts, and Sovereignty (ABC-CLIO)

                                      Gale (There's an app 4 that - see left sidebar):
                                      Gale encyclopedia of multicultural America Encyclopedia of Aging (Gale)
                                      Encyclopedia of Science and Religion (Gale)
                                      Supreme Court Drama: Cases that Changed America  (Gale)
                                      West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Gale)

                                      Other eBooks:
                                      Religion and American cultures an encyclopedia of traditions, diversity, and popular expressions

                                      Google Scholar:

                                      Need a court case? You can review'em all in Google Scholar! Choolse your search terms, the topic, or the involved parties and they wil turn up. Be sure to use the Select specific courts to search link!

                                      Once you've decided on a research question and thesis, you can start looking for books with a narrower focus than the reference eBooks

                                      remember to use the generic log on info on page 41 of your NCHS planner to access page. Do not enter your personal information.


                                      • Encyclopaedia Britannica
                                      • ABC-CLIO
                                      • Gale Virtual Reference Library (There's an App 4 That - see left sidebar)

                                      • History in Context  (There's an App 4 That - see left sidebar)
                                      • ProQuest Historical Newspapers (from 1850)
                                      • ProQuest Historical Hartford Courant (from 1760)
                                      Current context:

                                      • ProQuest Platinum (current news)
                                      • Opposing Viewpoints in Context (for more "controversial" belief systems or court cases)
                                      Global Perspective:

                                      • Global Issues in Context 
                                      • Global NewsBank

                                      Questions? Check our YouTube channel 

                                      Check your bibliography using the online bibliography evaluation form