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The Medieval World: 750-1450

We are growing an excellent collection of print resources for this project.
They are in a public resource list in Destiny called Medieval World
The directions below will walk you through generating a bibliography from a public resource list.

Here are your topics. Mr. Stevenson was thoughtful in including the dates on which to focus your research. This will help you a great deal

Islam – Abbassid Empire - Abu al-Abbas - 750 (11-2)
Constantinople – Byzantine Empire - Empress Theodora - 842 (10-1)
Russia - Vladimir-Suzdal Principality - Vsevolod III - 1203 (10-2)
East Africa – Axum/Ethiopia – King Lalibela - 1210 (12-3)
Central Asia – Mongol - Ögedei Khan - 1228 (13-2)
Europe – Venice – The Great Council - 1300 (9-3, 14-1)
West Africa - Mali – Emperor Mansa Musa - 1323 (12-2)
Central Asia – Tamerlane – 1396 (11-4)
China - Ming Dynasty – Emperor Zhengtong -1436 (13-2)

We also have an excellent collection of eBooks for your project. You will need to log in to access them. You only need the password, not the user name. It is on page 41 of your planner.

Africa: An Encyclopedia for Students
Ancient Civilizations Reference Library
Early Civilizations in the Americas Reference Library
Encyclopedia of India
Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture
Encyclopedia of Modern Asia
Encyclopedia of Modern China
Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East and North Africa
Renaissance: An Encyclopedia for Students
Countries and Their Cultures
Encyclopedia of Religion
Encyclopedia of Science and Religion
World Religions Reference Library
Worldmark Encyclopedia of Religious Practices

 Recommended databases
Biography in context
Encyclopaedia Britannica
History in Context
Gale Virtual Reference Library - cross search all of the above eBooks and many, many more.

Search terms to consider for politics
Search terms to consider for economics
Search terms to consider for religion
Search terms to consider for social
Search terms to consider for intellectual
Search terms to consider for aesthetics
Search terms to consider for geography
Search terms to consider for technology

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    World War I - Macomber

    Ms. Macomber's assignment

    We are checking out this search engine academic filter (streamlining, not blocking). Tell us what you think!

    This project's Facebook group. Post your questions, comments, collaboration, notes, etc...

    Since you will be looking at PERSIA + GT for a specific chronological time frame, I recommend starting with reference books to start accumulating relevant search terms and phrases:
    Timetables of History (World or US) REF 902.02 GRUN and REF 973 TIMET
    World Eras, vol. 9  and American Decades, vol. 2 REF 903 WORLD and REF 973 AMERI

    Please not that when Ms. Macomber says you need a book in print, the above resources wll not suffice - they are reference books and we'll talk about what that means in class for both books and databases.

    Speaking of databases...
    We have a mobile app for all the Gale resources (I starred* them below). Here are tutorials for downloading the apps (phone and iPad). It's a wee-bit tricky. Remember, you are looking for scholarly journal articles for this project!

    Please refer to both graphics on  left. Just click on them to see them better.

    • Expanded Academic ASAP*
    • ProQuest Platinum (use new interface)
    • History in Context*
    • SIRS Decades (Primary sources)
    • Annals of American History (Primary sources) - lots of foreign policy documents with global impact

    Wordles for PERSIA+GT:

    Search the online catalog for resources, but most are in 940.3.Of course the upside about the online catalog is that it can help you generate a bibliography of your print resources (tutorial). You can also use QuickCite to generate citations for print resources for print resources (tutorial). Don't have a smart phone? No worries! Check one out at the circulation desk!

    Many books are on a cart at this point because students have been pulling them. Overnight checkout only. 

    Pre-assessment results follow. You guys are good! We'll have a follow us evaluation of what you learned as this project winds down.

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    Junior Research Paper - Benedict

    Mr. Benedict's assignment, and the additional page regarding sources

    So it looks as though you need to reference full-text literature, songs, visual art, film and plays then draw correlation between those and the concrete world, developing from those relationships a thesis.

    In the mobile app for the literature, Academic ASAP, Opposing Viewpoints, and the Psychology  collection, you can use the search field at the very top to cross-search the entire Gale periodical collection at once, but that won't include the literature criticism database or the historical database :-(

    ProQuest Platinum
    ProQuest Historical Newspapers (1850-19990) When viewing results, click "see all" and sort by relevance) - usually helps
    Proquest Historical Hartford Courant (1750-1990)
    Psychology  Collection
    Roper iPoll (Public opinion survey)

     We also have some digital reference books you may want to consult: 
     These are all available on the mobile app in Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL). On the ipad, you can search them all at one, or individually. On smaller devices, just use GVRL.

    Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians  

    Remember all passwords are listed on pg. 41 of your NCHS planner, and on the NCHS Library database page

    Another excellent resource for literary criticism comes out of University of Michigan the Internet Public Library's literary collection. This is part of the "deep web" or the invisible web  - databases of (mostly) free resources that are seldom picked up by typical search engine searches. Google Scholar is a great place to explore for are to find resources too.

    Citing sources:

    Holiday, Billie. “God Bless the Child.” Rec. 9 May 1941. The Essence of Billie Holiday. Columbia, 1991. CD.

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    The Liberator

    Check out QuickCite app for smartphones to create citations for print books

    The Liberator online files

    REF 973 Timet                  Timetables of American History
    REF 973.8 America          American Eras: Westward Expansion, 1800-1860

    Consult page 41 of your NCHS planner for user name and password information


    • Annals of American History
    • ProQuest Historical Hartford Courant
    • History in Context
    • ABC-CLIO