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Night (Wiesel)

Ms. Hernberg's Research Questions (click here)
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Print Books:
We pulled books for you (don't get used to this!) so you could concentrate on reading and collecting information for your websites . They are on a cart in the lower library on the right. You can photocopy what is permissible according to copyright law and you can check the books out for overnight loans (2PM-7:30AM next day).
We've only pulled a few print books. The rest will mostly be in the 940.53 through 943 section (non-fiction and reference), with Holocaust-related books at 940.5318.

You will need to log in, and I can't post the log on info on this page because it it public, but if you just go to the database page (UN & PW on p. 41 of your planner), it is listed there. I also posted on Library Moodle Quarter 3. 
Before going to the database page, be sure to check your NCHS planner on p.41 for user name & password information

For databases, you have a few options:
Be sure to refer to the key for database user name and password info!
  • Secondary sources (tutorial on strengthening search strategies)
    • Encyclopedia Britannica
    • ABC-CLIO (encyclopedic) - World History: Modern
    • History Resource Center
    • Global issues in Context (for more contemporary genocides)
  • Primary sources (including images for your website)
    • ABC-CLIO (filter search result to documents and images - on left)
    • History Resource Center (use primary sources tab)
    • ProQuest Historical Newspapers (newspaper archive, going back to 1850)
    • SIRS Decades (primary source collection organized by decade)
Bibliography Information: Use "Citing" menu at navigation menu on the left side of the page. Use one of the bibliography tools (BibMe, Noodlebib, or Easybib) to create your bibliography but make sure to check the end result against pages 41-47 of your planner. For more bibliography tips, check out our YouTube channel (formatting bibliographies and embedded citations, are particularly helpful but there are many, many more)

Table of Contents:
YouTube Tutorial

Sighet, Hungary



Cattle cars

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Book Trailers

Book Trailers - D'Acosta & Dardani

Remember to comply with copyright law when creating your trailers! They will be public, and they will be linked to your account! You are accountable.

We talked about this in class, but here is a reminder:
  • You may only use 30 seconds/less than 11% of the entire work of any commercially marketed song (i.e. Arcade Fire, Jay-Z, Radiohead, Taylor Swift or The Beatles - the stuff you have to buy in order to own it legally)
  • You must attribute credit for images accessed on the web (unless through Creative Commons - see below)
  • If you borrow dialog or a description of your book, be sure to attribute credit to the source.
NEW! If you want to clip part of a video on YouTube, I just read about this on a Free Technology for Teachers blog by Richard Byrne. It looks SUPER-EASY! <>

Music Files
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Uploading your movie to Destiny
Additional Resources:

Student work:
The Help by Kathryn Stockett, posted by Isabel L.
Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, posted by David W.