Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Meeting of the Minds

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Essential questions: 
  • What is the ideal form of government? Why? 
  • Can people be trusted to govern? Why? 
Are you an actor, a historian or a public relations agent?

Start by opening a bibliography. Instructions in the slide show below.

Search Destiny Quest for eBooks. Instructions follow.
Use the "Digital Resources" tab to locate eBooks!
How to access and read eBooks in Destiny Quest

Citing eBooks from Destiny Quest

Databases: Use these resources for research
User name and password to access the database page (not your personal log-in!)
      1. ABC-CLIO: The Modern Era
      2. Biography Reference Center
      3. History Reference Center
      4. History Databases (Sharpe Online Reference) 
      5. Academic Search Premier
Cite your sources as you go. Be sure to cite correctly, and cite them as you work - not afterwards! Instructions follow. 

Citing ABC-CLIO (soooo easy!!!)

For citing other databases:

For citing print books - very cool!


Guiding questions for reflection:

  1. What were the different forms of government the thinkers promoted?
  2. Which thinkers believed most strongly that people can be trusted to govern? Why?
  3. Which thinkers believed most strongly that people cannot be trusted to govern? Why?
  4. Whose ideas did you like the best? Why?
  5. Whose ideas did you like the least? Why?
  6. How did the time periods in which they lived affect the historical figure’s views on government?
  7. Which of the thinkers’ ideas have been most influential in the modern development of democracy?

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