Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Why We Fight (America at War)

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Public opinion about conflict evolves, and the influences on that shift vary from war to war. A good measure of the impact of a war is to assess how the public perception changes over time. We have several resources that will help you with that.

  • Roper iPoll (starts at 1930)
  • Annals of American History (great for older wars!)
  • Historical Newspapers (Hartford Courant starts at 1760, New York Times starts at 1840)
  • SIRS decades (primary sources from the 20th and 21st century)

As you research, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What did I know about my war before I started?
  • What have I learned about my war since I began researching?
  • What people, places, and documents are essential to learning more about my war? 
  • What new ideas are emerging about my war? 
  • What questions should I ask to solidify these ideas?
  • What do I still need to learn about my war?

This should help you focus your research and formulate questions (inquiry) that will help you unveil patterns about change over time with respect to your war.

Once you have clear questions to investigate, using "deeper", more detailed resources will be more productive. 
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First, we are going to quickly review some basics about library research from last year.

Click here to take the "review quiz". Or scan the QR code to http://goo.gl/oHE18w
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OK, thanks! Now let's get started.

Citing sources:

Please open Google Apps to access your EasyBib account. The slide deck below will walk you through the steps.

Add new resources as you go. Remember that ABC-CLIO and EasyBib "talk" to each other. Here is a refresher:

When using other databases, there is a way to copy and paste the databases citations into EasyBib.

Remember to use your planner insert or the QR code on the left to get the user name and password for the database page. It is not your personal user name and password. It is the school library's user name and password!
  • ABC-CLIO: World at War (Yup! That'll work!) You can export ABC-CLIO citations directly into EasyBib.
  • History Reference Center
  • Roper iPoll - brilliant database of public opinion surveys
  • Historical Newspapers (depending on when war was fought - before 1990)
  • Annals of American History (depending on when war was fought)
  • Newspaper Source or National Newspapers (current news)
Online catalog

You must, must, must start here!
We have a rich collection of eBooks for this project. You can use most of these simultaneously, and all of them from anywhere on any kind on device, including an iPod!
Be sure to sign in with your school network user name and password (i.e., firstname.lastname & your personal password)

It helps to put the war's name in quotation marks, (i.e., "Vietnam War")
Accessing ABC-CLIO ebooks in Destiny

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