Friday, May 17, 2013

Model UN

Photos of 2012 NCHS Model UN Simulation:

Think about this in very simple terms. There are essentially two phases.

First you have to figure out who you are, as a country. Start by asking yourself "Does my country rock?" Think about it as if your country is a student, and the world is a high school. Where does your country stand in the social (or global, in this instance) hierarchy?
Complete this research guide to answer questions about your country. You will need to Copy the document, Rename It, and Share (CRiS). Instructions follow.

  • Log in with your log in information
  • Click File, then Make a copy, then enter a new name  (Last Name, First Name. Country. Teacher. Period [i.e., Pitt, Brad. Venezuela. Vehslage. C])
  • Don't check "Also copy document collaborators"
  • Click OK
  • Click File, type
  • Click Share, under Add people, type in your group members' names, and your history teacher's name to invite them. Make sure they can edit this document
  • Click Share and save.

You should, at this point, know how to get background information on your country, but just in case, here are recommended Internet sources:

Databases: Remember how to log in to the database page? Page 43 of your NCHS planner

                    Current events: 

    • ABC-CLIO World Geography
    • Countries and Their Cultures
    • World Data Analyst
    • Global Issues in Context

Online catalog: You may remember from earlier projects that we have lots of The History of ______ [country] books. These are great for overviews, and they are available in eBook format in some cases, so you can view them online through Destiny Quest, the online catalog. Download the app.

Now, you need to understand what stance your country will take in its committee on specific issues.


    • Global Issues in Context (see screenshot above)
    • National Newspapers (see screenshots below)

    • Global NewsBank
    • PowerSearch
DISEC (briefing packet)
  1. East Asian Maritime Security
  2. Spillover from Syrian Civil War
  1. Iran
  2. Peaceful Nuclear Energy

SYRIAN ARAB RED CRESCENT (briefing packet)

PRESS CORPS (briefing packet)

  1. New York Times
  2. Wall Street Journal
  3. BBC
  4. ALJazeera
  5. The Onion
  6. FOX News
  7. National Public Radio
Country assignments New! New Canaan Library tips
Click on the link to the Model UN forum below.

Helpful websites:

View History page (only!) in Wikipedia can work as a live record of an international debate over a hot topic. 

Missed something when the delegates visited your class? Here is their presentation:

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