Friday, March 25, 2011

The Medieval World: 750-1450

We are growing an excellent collection of print resources for this project.
They are in a public resource list in Destiny called Medieval World
The directions below will walk you through generating a bibliography from a public resource list.

Here are your topics. Mr. Stevenson was thoughtful in including the dates on which to focus your research. This will help you a great deal

Islam – Abbassid Empire - Abu al-Abbas - 750 (11-2)
Constantinople – Byzantine Empire - Empress Theodora - 842 (10-1)
Russia - Vladimir-Suzdal Principality - Vsevolod III - 1203 (10-2)
East Africa – Axum/Ethiopia – King Lalibela - 1210 (12-3)
Central Asia – Mongol - Ögedei Khan - 1228 (13-2)
Europe – Venice – The Great Council - 1300 (9-3, 14-1)
West Africa - Mali – Emperor Mansa Musa - 1323 (12-2)
Central Asia – Tamerlane – 1396 (11-4)
China - Ming Dynasty – Emperor Zhengtong -1436 (13-2)

We also have an excellent collection of eBooks for your project. You will need to log in to access them. You only need the password, not the user name. It is on page 41 of your planner.

Africa: An Encyclopedia for Students
Ancient Civilizations Reference Library
Early Civilizations in the Americas Reference Library
Encyclopedia of India
Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture
Encyclopedia of Modern Asia
Encyclopedia of Modern China
Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East and North Africa
Renaissance: An Encyclopedia for Students
Countries and Their Cultures
Encyclopedia of Religion
Encyclopedia of Science and Religion
World Religions Reference Library
Worldmark Encyclopedia of Religious Practices

 Recommended databases
Biography in context
Encyclopaedia Britannica
History in Context
Gale Virtual Reference Library - cross search all of the above eBooks and many, many more.

Search terms to consider for politics
Search terms to consider for economics
Search terms to consider for religion
Search terms to consider for social
Search terms to consider for intellectual
Search terms to consider for aesthetics
Search terms to consider for geography
Search terms to consider for technology

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