Thursday, February 3, 2011

World Revolutions

Mr. Webb's Assignment 

Remember that in this project, you are looking for patterns:

Online catalog:

You can easily search for your revolution in the online catalog. Occasionally, your revolution will have a "shifty" name, meaning that its name has changed over time. In that case, you will search for the place or date of revolution's origin (i.e., Iran AND revolution AND 1979) or leader(s) - either outgoing or incoming instead (Iran AND [shah OR khomeini]). If you are combining AND and OR, it is important to use the parentheses to tell the computer how to combine your keywords - aha! you DO need math in history!


I can't include the database page user name and password here, but you can find all that information and more on page 41 of you NCHS planner. Watch tutorial about that.

Also, when off campus, you will need to enter user names and password to access eBooks.


Remember to check the "key" for user name and password information (log in to your Google Apps [] account to access) on the databases page. The authentication information varies, depending on who provides the service and who pays for it - the school, the town, the school.

Recommended databases for this project (general to specific):
  • Encyclopaedia Britannica (general encyclopedia)
  • ABC-CLIO (like a huge textbook)
  • History in Context (much more detailed information, including documents)
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library (Collection of Gale's eBooks (reference)
  • Biography in Context (Duh)
  • Global Issues in Context (Strives to offer a non-western perspective on contemporary issues (i.e. "suicide bombing" is called "honor  killing")
  • Proquest Historical Hartford Courant (starts at 1749
  • Proquest Historical Newspapers
  • ProQuest Platinum

Storyboard template

Cause and Effect Diagrams can be created using:
  • the Social Studies template on Inspiration. These can be easily modified.
  • the SmartArt Gallery in PowerPoint
Charts and Graphs can be created directly in PowerPoint using the Insert / Chart Wizard.

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