Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jr. Research

What did you learn from the last research paper? 

Juniors took surveys before and after completing the social studies research paper last fall. We are starting to aggregate responses to determine what was learned from the assignment. The chart on the left compares growth, as articulated by juniors (left column), to recommended skills for 21st century citizenship (according to the Partnership for 21st Century Learning).

What do we need to focus on this time?

Please take the spring research paper survey. You will see that there is special emphasis on the skills juniors did not mention in the fall questionnaire. To help you become well-rounded learners, we will embed interpersonal communication and participatory learning in the research process this time. Please feel free to voice your thoughts on this in the open ended questions.

Mr. Gallo's assignment

Okay! Our facebook group is done NCHS 2011 English Junior Research Paper. If it doesn't show up in your list of fb groups (left side of your personal fb home page), please join. It is only open for the next day or so until we get everyone in, then we will make it private. I am an admin, so please let me know if you have concerns. 

Your homework for tonight is to post your topic in the group. We will meet in the library tomorrow.

Be sure that your ncps-k12.org password is the same as your network log on (not sure how to change it? Here is a tutorial). Make sure you have done the Social Studies research paper exit survey too!

On Wednesday, we are going to segregate by electronic apparatus.  Fair? Unfair? Humm... maybe you're right. That would be a great subject for  research paper. But let's do it anyway, because it's just going to make our time together more productive. 

Students with smart phones, iPod touches and laptops will sit at the two big tables closest to the windows in the "green dot" area.

People without those devices will use library computers. 

People with complicated search terms, like "mental toughness", meet me at the table between the computers and the two big tables closest to the windows in the "green dot" area. We're going on a tour.
Step 1. Post your topic to facebook
Step 2. Databases
  • ProQuest Platinum
  • Psychology Collection (use advanced search)
  • Opposing Viewpoints in Context (include books like Sports in America)
  • Roper iPoll (tutorial)

Step 3. Start adding search terms and resources as comments below your topic post in the facebook group
Step 4. Look for similar topics among your classmates' posts. Post at least one suggestion to another student's search terms and resources list. Choose a post to which no one has responded.
Online catalog: Log in when using this and start to compile a resource list (use your network user name and password) and start building a resource list. See instructions below:


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